I've had the pleasure of collaborating with Leigh-Anne on the US brand launch of Seeds of Wellness, a South American chia brand. As a marketing expert with limited experience in the health and wellness space, I've relied on Leigh-Anne's expertise in nutrition, sustainability, and FDA guidelines. Her collaboration has been instrumental in framing our brand strategy and communications. She's a strong strategic partner, a great problem solver, understands the category inside and out, is a true advocate for the consumer, and is just plain fun to work with. 

Jessica Braff, Freelance Strategy Consultant

Leigh-Anne has been instrumental in helping to build out a recipe and wellness program for us. Not only does she have the dietetics knowledge but also provides a knowledge of the food industry and working with chefs. It is a true pleasure working with her because she provides us with this full package which many dietitians in the industry just can’t.

Adam Wilson, Manager of Culinary Exploration 


Leigh-Anne is passionate and committed to delivering exceptional sustainability and wellness programs.

Amy Keister, SVP of Sustainability & Culinary

Compass Group

Leigh-Anne’s commitment to and passion for food recovery was evident in the attention to detail she showed in executing our national partnership and program. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to launch a large scale food sustainability initiative.

Pooja Pelham, Feeding America

Leigh-Anne is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of nutrition, wellness and sustainability and is able to manage projects from A-Z regardless of their size and scope. She is a great researcher, speaker and leader.

Peggy O'Neill, VP of Nutrition & Wellness 

Morrison Healthcare

Leigh-Anne is knowledgeable, strategic and a pleasure to work with. She would be an asset to any team requiring nutrition, dietary and business knowledge and comes with my heartfelt recommendation.

Lisa MacDonald, Information Strategist

Leigh-Anne has a unique ability to blend strong nutrition and well-being knowledge with business savvy. Additionally, her project management skills enable her to listen to and manage client and customer expectations and to deliver on commitments.

Deanne Brandstetter, VP Nutrition & Wellness

Compass Group

Leigh-Anne's passion and enthusiasm for sustainability and wellness shines through in the work she produces. She is very knowledgeable, on trend and able to quickly pivot as things change in the industry. Her expertise has helped arm our teams with information they need.

Saundra Kaiser, Marketing Manager


Leigh-Anne always impresses with her knowledge on the developments in the sustainability industry. Her background as a dietitian & project manager gives her the unique skill set to approach corporate sustainability with backing data and project plans that allow for easy integration into existing business processes. She has the ability to enter a room and walk that fine line of advocating for what’s right but also having the business acumen to be able to anticipate how these decisions impact our operations.

Jessi Moffit

Director of Innovation, Canteen