Leigh-Anne Wooten


Chief Nutrition Officer. Founder. 

Leigh-Anne has spent almost two decades guiding companies and brands with nutrition & sustainability strategy and has served as the subject matter expert for C suites and clients representing many of Forbes Top 100 Companies.  She has launched numerous programs to better planet and people while being data driven in her analysis to evaluate and report on program success.

Leigh-Anne has her Master's Degree in Nutrition Science, is a Registered & Licensed Dietitian, a Fellow of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. Her career started as a clinical dietitian and through the years was promoted to positions that allowed her to broaden her skill set. She also has an extensive project management experience to complement her nutrition background, bringing years of leadership, lean methodologies, analytics, collaboration experience and personal passion to the table. 

Her WHY for doing this?  Leigh-Anne has always been a

tree hugging hippie at heart and has a desire to leave a thriving planet for her adorably exhausting kids, Griffin and Amelie, to enjoy and celebrate for years to come. Running her own business, allows her the opportunity to maximize impact by providing guidance and sharing best practices with organizations globally.

Chris Aquilino

Executive Chef & Culinary Consultant

Chef Chris, classically trained, built the majority of his knowledge working side by side some of the most talented master chefs and culinary teams in the world. Chris now specializes in developing root-to-stem menus, on-trend, recipes, and plant-forward concepts--from research and production to styling and instruction. 

After honing his skills in corporate food service and several acclaimed restaurants and caterers, becoming classically trained by some of the nation's master chefs, international culinary teams, and industry leaders, Chef Chris is now prepared to take his knowledge to task helping you and your food sustainability journey. 

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