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Greek Grilled Chicken

Mmm... All things Greek!

This meal brings Josh and I back to our honeymoon, cruising around the Greek Isles... Oh, what I would pay to be back there now.

In the mean time, we LOVE this authentic Greek salad (deconstructed for the kiddos, though they are starting to dig lettuce):

~Marinated lemon herb chicken bites

~Homemade roasted red pepper hummus

~Olives, cukes, maters, stuffed grape leaves, feta and tzatziki sauce

Chicken Marinade:

If you haven’t noticed yet, I’m not a fan of strict measures....

  • 1 lb chicken cut up into 1 inch pieces. It cooks up faster, creates more surface space for that delicious marinade and is ready to go for the kids.

  • Juice of 1 lemon

  • A few tablespoons of EVOO

  • A few tablespoons of red wine vinegar

  • 1 tbsp each: oregano, thyme, rosemary

  • salt to taste


  • Get a plastic bag and put it in a measuring cup. This is just my little trick. It holds all of the marinade in the plastic bag without making a mess.

  • Grind spices in mortar and pestle. I hate when I’m eating chicken and get a huge piece of rosemary. It’s like a toothpick in my mouth!

  • Throw into the bag along with the liquids.

  • Throw in salt to taste and chicken.

  • Marinate for at least one hour and then sauté!

Bon Appetit!
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