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Banana Oat Flax Waffles (aka - healthy waffles, aka best waffles ever!)

The kiddos GOBBLED up these deliciously dense waffles. I had to tell G he couldn’t have a third. 😋

So, trust me they taste good. What makes them even better is that they are packed with healthy ingredients (oats, banana, flax) and just so happen to be top 8 allergen free. Oh, AND no added sugar (unless you top it with something sweet).

I’d recommend doubling this recipe if you want some leftovers to freeze and save for another day. Bon Appetit!

Banana Oat Flax Waffles


🔲1 cup rolled oats (gluten free if you need it)

🔲2 medium bananas

🔲2 ”flax eggs”: 2 Tbsp flax MEAL and 5 Tbsp water (or 2 eggs)

🔲1 teaspoon vanilla extract

🔲1 teaspoon baking powder

🔲2 tsp cinnamon

🔲Pinch of salt


✅First, in a small bowl mix 2 Tbsp flax meal and 5 Tbsp water and set aside for about 5 min.

✅After the 5 min is up, place flax egg mixture and all other ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.

✅Heat waffle maker and pour in a few tablespoons of batter. We have a mini waffle maker so, adjust accordingly if yours is larger.

✅Cook until the waffles are golden brown and cooked through, about 7 min.

✅Remove and serve with toppings of your choice.

If you are making ahead, you can freeze flat on a baking sheet, then store in a freezer bag until ready to reheat and eat.

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Arthur Wooten
Arthur Wooten

Looks so yummy!


Thank you, we'll have dinner for dessert next time you're in town and whip them up for you!

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