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Crunchy Garlic EVOO Dip

If I were to open a restaurant (which I never would) but if I did, this would be what I would serve everyone as they sit down. If you love garlic and bread – you will love this. If you don’t love garlic and bread, I’m not sure we can be friends. By slowly simmering garlic in olive oil, you create a deliciously mild but crunchy garlic treat and also flavor the olive oil with garlic. Make more of this than you think you will need. You may be surprised how quickly this gets gobbled up. And it can be refrigerated and pulled out for days to be munched up.

If you see some green in my garlic that's because it had started to sprout, but this doesn't impact the flavor. Food waste win!

Bon Appetit!


  • (At least) 1 bulb garlic, minced

  • 1/2 to 1 cup EVOO (I prefer less oil and more garlic)

  • Pinch of salt


  • Pour EVOO into small pot and turn heat on medium low.

  • Mince 1 bulb of garlic and add to EVOO with salt. Allow EVOO to come to a slow simmer. Keep an eye on the garlic and stir frequently.

  • After about 5 min, the time is not as important as the color, when the garlic turns to a LIGHT brown immediately pull off the heat and transfer to a heat safe serving dish. If you don’t, the garlic may continue cooking will become dark brown and burn. It then becomes bitter and doesn’t taste good, IMO.

  • Serve with warm bread and enjoy.

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